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We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

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Founder and Army Veteran, Mike McCarthy realized that military and law enforcement personnel needed a device to help keep weapons clean while being stored or carried without a magazine installed. “Prepared to Engage ®” is part of the MagBlock Inc. registered trademark ® and is the cornerstone for the development of our patented devices.

While deployed in Afghanistan, CW4 Mike McCarthy was inspired by a young solider to develop a device that would prevent weapons from becoming contaminated and provide greater operational safety to the end user. With 25 years of military service, McCarthy retired after being injured in Afghanistan. His vision of providing a device to help others in harm's way was realized when MagBlock Inc. was awarded a patent.

Our Military and Law Enforcement personnel deserve the best equipment we can provide. Men and women that serve others in military and law enforcement roles run to a problem... not away. These incredible people deserve the best and continuously need to be “Prepared to Engage”!

Situations change fast in high threat environments, MagBlock Inc. devices can reduce weapon failures and malfunctions to your weapon when you need it the most. Using a MagBlock system can ensure you and your weapon are Prepared to Engage!!